Covid Informed

Nam Pham


I have served as Director of the Immigrant Resettlement & Cultural Center, Inc. (IRCC) since 2001 and have extensive experience in working Vietnamese immigrant population. In my role as Director, I oversee the operation the daily businesses, included personnel, finance, funded and volunteer programs. IRCC was the very first community-based organization in Santa Clara County offering education and social services to the Vietnamese community. We have been building community alliances and strengthening all immigrant families and neighborhoods since 1976. We currently provide about 20 different programs to the immigrant and low-income communities of Santa Clara County. Immigrant services include English as a Second Language classes, citizenship classes, employment counseling/job development, and assistance with housing. We also have a Vietnamese radio program on Channel 1500AM and television program on Comcast Cable 15 and 174, broadcast daily and listened to by more than 80,000 people.