Covid Informed

Ruiyi Li

Lay Health Worker

My name is Li Ruiyi. I have a cheerful and lively personality. I like sports and listening to music. I immigrated to the United States with my son seven years ago. I am very grateful to the friends around me. Through their help, I was able to find jobs that I like in our community where I was able to learn a lot about different American cultures. I am now working at the Chinatown YMCA and the Chinese Rights Promotion Association. Before, I was also involved as an organizer of the Chinese Progressive Association and a lay health worker at Chinese Community Health Resource Center to organize a smoking cessation program at UCSF. With these jobs, my life is more fulfilling, and it makes me happier. I am very grateful to all these opportunities for helping me, my family, and my community. Their support has made this transition a lot smoother. Since arriving in the United States, I was more fortunate to have one more boy and one girl, which made me and my growing family happier!